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CO2 detector


CO2 Monitor 1300P Rechargeable Air Quality Monitor for C...

SA1200P Ⅱ

USB driver function maintenance free NDIR, automatic bas...


Greenhouse CO2 Controller for Supply CO2 Gas to Plant, G...


The cheapest model High precision 1100 CO2 detector Air ...

Civil CO alarm


Indoor Air Quality CO2 CO Monitor with Temperature and H...


Auto Carbon Monoxide detector / CO detector for car


Auto Carbon Monoxide detector / CO detector for car


Outdoor Camping tents safety device carbon monoxide Alar...

Industrial testing


Portable O2 Monitor 30% 100% Oxygen Detector


Portable multi gas detector with data logger 4 gas monitor


Customized pumping multi gas detector meter instruments ...


Customized Portable 3 in 1 alarm electrochemical sensor ...


Portable LPG gas leak detector alarm with battery powere...


Portable O2 Monitor 30% 100% Oxygen Detector



Beijing Shian Technology Instrument Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shian Technology Instrument Co., Ltd. possesses the ability to design, manufacture and sell gas detection instruments in local and global markets. The gas detection instruments we designed are widely used in petrochemical, municipal environmental protection, coal mine, residential places, and other natural and a wide range of industrial environments. Most of our products are handheld gas detectors, which can detect and monitor various toxic, oxygen and combustible and flammable gases concentration in an area and provide users with the detection solution and alarm signals for potential dangers, to ensure the personal safety and good air quality. Our company started with designing and manufacturing plastic enclosures of electronics at the outset, today we not only have our own plastic mold and manufacture team, but also have our own design and development team for gas detection system instruments. We can customize different gas detection instruments according to customers' requirements. The management principle of our company: Design ability and Technology will lead the trend of our products and future of our company.